The Singing News Fan Awards, established in 1970, gives Southern Gospel music fans the opportunity to vote every year for their favorite artists, musicians, songwriters, songs, albums and more in 20 categories.

This year’s winners will be announced on Friday, September 30, 2022, during the Singing News Fan Awards presentation, which is held at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, during The National Quartet Convention.

The ballot for the Top 5 nominees will appear in the July issue of Singing News magazine. Online voting will begin on Friday, June 24, 2022, at

Here are the Top 5 Finalists in the 2022 Singing News Fan Awards:

Favorite Artist

  1. Collingsworth Family
  2. Greater Vision
  3. Inspirations
  4. Tribute Qt
  5. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Soloist

  1. David Phelps
  2. Ivan Parker
  3. Joseph Habedank
  4. Lauren Talley
  5. Mark Bishop

Favorite Quartet

  1. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
  2. Inspirations
  3. Kingdom Heirs
  4. Tribute Qt
  5. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Duet

  1. Chronicle
  2. Jim and Melissa Brady
  3. Josh and Ashley Franks
  4. Reggie and Ladye Love Smith
  5. Wilburn and Wilburn

Favorite Mixed Group

  1. Collingsworth Family
  2. Hoppers
  3. Isaacs
  4. Karen Peck and New River
  5. Mylon Hayes Family

Favorite Young Artist

  1. Autumn Clark Nelons
  2. Katie Erwin Erwins
  3. Kennedy Hayes Mylon Hayes Family
  4. Trevor Conkle Mark Trammell Qt
  5. Wyatt Austin Inspirations

Favorite Trio

  1. 11th Hour
  2. Booth Brothers
  3. Brian Free and Assurance
  4. Greater Vision
  5. The Sound

Favorite Tenor

  1. Chris Allman Greater Vision
  2. David Sutton Triumphant Qt
  3. Ernie Haase Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
  4. Isaac Moore Inspirations
  5. Michael Booth Booth Brothers

Favorite Lead

  1. Arthur Rice Kingdom Heirs
  2. Clayton Inman Triumphant Qt
  3. Rodney Griffin Greater Vision
  4. Roland Kesterson Inspirations
  5. Scott Fowler Legacy Five

Favorite Band

  1. Gaither Vocal Band 
  2. High Road 
  3. Isaacs
  4. Kingdom Heirs
  5. Primitive Qt

Favorite Baritone

  1. Jim Brady Booth Brothers
  2. Loren Harris Kingdom Heirs
  3. Luke Vaught Inspirations
  4. Mark Trammell Mark Trammell Qt
  5. Scotty Inman Triumphant Qt

Favorite Songwriter

  1. Bill Gaither
  2. Dianne Wilkinson
  3. Joseph Habedank
  4. Rodney Griffin
  5. Scotty Inman

Favorite Bass

  1. Eric Bennett Triumphant Qt
  2. Pat Barker Guardians
  3. Paul Harkey Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
  4. Ray Dean Reese Kingsmen
  5. Wyatt Austin Inspirations

Favorite Album

  1. 2:22 Karen Peck and New River 
  2. Change Is Coming Joseph Habedank 
  3. I Feel A Good Day Coming On Kingdom Heirs 
  4. Still Standing Mark Trammell Qt 
  5. What A Wonderful Time, LIVE Inspirations 

Favorite Soprano

  1. Brooklyn Blair Collingsworth Family
  2. Karen Peck Gooch Karen Peck and New River
  3. Kim Hopper Hoppers
  4. Melissa Brady Jim and Melissa Brady
  5. Sonya Isaacs Yeary Isaacs

Favorite Song

  1. “A Good Day Coming On” Kingdom Heirs (with The 3 Heath Brothers) 
  2. “How Saved I Am” Triumphant Qt 
  3. “Somebody Tell” Tribute Qt
  4. “Start With Well Done” Greater Vision 
  5. “When The Old, Old Story Was New” Kingsmen

Favorite Alto

  1. Connie Hopper Hoppers
  2. Courtney Metz Collingsworth Family
  3. Libbi Stuffle Perrys
  4. Sheri Easter Jeff and Sheri Easter
  5. Susan Whisnant Whisnants

Favorite New Artist

  1. Endless Highway
  2. Kenna Turner West
  3. Mark Dubbeld Family
  4. McKamey Legacy
  5. Southbound

Favorite Musician

  1. Gerald Wolfe Greater Vision
  2. Josh Singletary Tribute Qt
  3. Kim Collingsworth Collingsworth Family
  4. Luke Vaught Inspirations
  5. Sonya Isaacs Yeary Isaacs

The Paul Heil Award

(Honoring Excellence in Broadcasting)

  1. Enlighten
  2. Les Butler
  3. Rodney Baucom
  4. Singing News Radio
  5. Troy Peach

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