Nashville, TN (May 13, 2019) — The  second round of voting for the 2019 Singing News Fan Awards is over, which means it’s time to reveal the Top Five nominations in each category!

The Singing News Fan Awards are the Southern Gospel industry’s premiere fan-voted awards, with winners decided by the readers of Singing News Magazine. The final winners will be announced at an exciting awards ceremony scheduled to take place at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, later this year.

Singing News subscribers have now completed the second of three rounds of voting. Voting for the third and final round will begin with the ballot in the July 2019 issue of the magazine. Online voting will be available as well.

If you’re not an active subscriber but you’d like to vote in the final round, be sure to subscribe no later than June 12 to receive the July issue. You can subscribe by clicking HERE or calling 1-800-527-5226.

Now, without further ado, here are the 2019 Top Five nominees:

Favorite Artist:

Booth Brothers

Collingsworth Family

Greater Vision

Kingdom Heirs

Triumphant Qt


Favorite Quartet:

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Kingdom Heirs

Legacy Five

Mark Trammell Qt

Triumphant Qt


Mixed Group:

Collingsworth Family


Karen Peck & New River





Booth Brothers

Brian Free & Assurance

Greater Vision

Jeff & Sheri Easter




Bishop, Mark

Habedank, Joseph

Parker, Ivan

Parsons, Squire

Wilburn, Jonathan


Young Artist:

Clark, Autumn Nelon                           Nelons

Conkle, Trevor                   Mark Trammell Qt

Gooch, Kari            Karen Peck & New River

Hayes, Kennedy            Mylon Hayes Family

Hopper, Karlye                                  Hoppers



Allman, Chris                           Greater Vision

Booth, Michael                        Booth Brothers

Free, Brian               Brian Free & Assurance

Haase, Ernie    Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Sutton, David                           Triumphant Qt



Booth, Ronnie                         Booth Brothers

Griffin, Rodney                        Greater Vision

Hopper, Dean                                    Hoppers

Inman, Clayton                        Triumphant Qt

Rice, Arthur                             Kingdom Heirs



Harris, Loren                           Kingdom Heirs

Inman, Scott                            Triumphant Qt

Lancaster, Paul                      Booth Brothers

Singletary, Josh                              Tribute Qt

Trammell, Mark                 Mark Trammell Qt



Barker, Pat                                     Guardians

Bennett, Eric                            Triumphant Qt

Chapman, Jeff                        Kingdom Heirs

Fouch, Matt                                 Legacy Five

Reese, Ray Dean                           Kingsmen



Blair, Brooklyn               Collingsworth Family

Brady, Melissa                         Jim Brady Trio

Gooch, Karen Peck  Karen Peck & New River

Hopper, Kim                                      Hoppers

Talley, Lauren                                     Talleys



Bean, Peg McKamey                   McKameys

Easter, Sheri                    Jeff & Sheri Easter

Hopper, Connie                                 Hoppers

Stuffle, Libbi                                         Perrys

Whisnant, Susan                            Whisnants



Collingsworth, Kim        Collingsworth Family

Mote, Gordon                                       Soloist

Townsend, Josh                          Legacy Five

Williams, Kevin                Gaither Vocal Band

Wolfe, Gerald                          Greater Vision



Gaither Vocal Band Band

Isaacs Band

Jeff & Sheri Easter Band

Kingdom Heirs Band

Primitive Qt Band



Gaither, Bill

Griffin, Rodney

Habedank, Joseph

Inman, Scott

Wilkinson, Dianne



God Has Provided                               Mark Trammell Qt

Hope For The Journey                                      Gold City

Hymns With Friends                            Joseph Habedank

Life Is A Song                                            Greater Vision

Mercy & Love                                  Collingsworth Family



Even Me                                                    Triumphant Qt

Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You          Kingdom Heirs

I Know I’ll Be There                  Karen Peck & New River

Rolled Back Stone                                     Greater Vision

Treasures In Heaven                          Mark Trammell Qt


New Artist:

Children of The Promise

Franks, Josh & Ashley


Lore Family

Singing Contractors


Radio Station:

KWFC                                                      Springfield, MO

WBTG                                                          Sheffield, AL

WGNZ                                                           Dayton, OH

WJBZ                                                          Knoxville, TN

WXRI                                                Winston-Salem, NC






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