The Inspirations Set to Release New Live Album in April

Formed in 1964, The Inspirations are one of Gospel music’s longest-standing quartets. The group’s distinct sound is instantly recognizable and has changed little across 57 years of recordings — no matter who was singing.
Lore Family signs with Horizon Records

The Lore Family signs with Horizon Records

Arden, NC (August 27, 2019) — Over the past several years, the members of The Lore Family have built up their ministry, spreading God's word through song and using their talents to serve. After finding succes...

The 3 Heath Brothers Join Horizon Records Roster

Arden, North Carolina (June 12, 2019) — With tight harmonies, powerful vocals, and a cappella arrangements, the 3 Heath Brothers have quickly become rising artists within gospel music, sharing the stage with ...