MEMPHIS, TN (May 29, 2024)—The Memphis Quartet Show (MQS) has announced the addition of three new members to its board of directors. Ricky Carden, Josh Franks, and Pat Barker have been added to the board. They join current members Duane Garren, Randy Shelnut Jr, Keith Inman, Greg Inman, Kelly Inman, and Scott Godsey. The three new members replace the outgoing board members, Danny Jones, Jimmy Blackwood, and Stewart Varnado, who originated the idea for the annual event.

Each new board member brings a fresh voice and their ideas to MQS, now in its 11th year. Ricky Carden, owner/lead vocalist of the Down East Boys, has decades of quartet history and experience. The Down East Boys are a fan favorite and can frequently be found at the top of radio airplay charts. Josh Franks, pastor of People’s Tabernacle Church in Savannah, TN, also performs regularly with his wife, Ashley, and is a promoter and emcee of several annual gospel music events. His church regularly hosts gospel concerts, and he is a true friend to everyone in this industry. Pat Barker, bass and emcee of The Guardians and bass vocalist with Second Half Quartet, also brings his quartet knowledge and enthusiasm to the board. He is a fan favorite everywhere he goes.

MQS is an annual event held each June in Memphis, TN. The concert weekend exclusively features all-male quartets. It attracts quartet lovers worldwide, as several countries are represented in attendance each year. This year, the event will be held June 12-15, 2024, at the Cannon Center in Memphis, TN. In addition to performances by Gold City, Triumphant Quartet, Down East Boys, Dixie Echoes, Kingsmen, Mark Trammell Quartet, Tribute Quartet, and many others, Saturday night’s festivities will feature a live recording by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, with special guests The Blackwood Brothers and Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys.

Visit for more information about MQS, including a full schedule of all shows, artist appearances, matinees, tickets, and visitor information.

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