After many requests from fans and artists alike, the Mark Trammell Quartet has made their brand new release, Classic, plus a backlog of previous CD’s available on music streaming platforms. These platforms include: Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Deezer, the world’s largest streaming platform, Spotify, and more.

“It is with much thought and prayer that we have made our music available, literally, to the whole world.” says Mark Trammell. “Though streaming rates are still a concern for most artists, including the Mark Trammell Quartet, God has always provided for this ministry and always will. It is time for the hope of the Gospel to be in as many corners of the world as possible, both for the evangelism of the lost and the encouragement of the church.”

Wherever you stream music, the Mark Trammell Quartet invites you to follow them on your favorite platform, enjoy their current release, Classic, and/or add your favorite songs from previous releases to a playlist. For Amazon users, the ability to say, “Hey Alexa, play the Mark Trammell Quartet!” is now a reality. Even playing music straight from your TV on the YouTube app or the ability to listen to music on your phone or ipad, is now easier than ever.

There are many ways to support the ministry of the Mark Trammell Quartet. While streaming adds another dimension to that, MTQ is by no means diminishing the sale of physical CDs or USBs from their website or merchandise table. However, as the group exceeds its 20th year on the road it is not possible to stock every previous product in physical media form. Streaming assists with keeping the music fans love available even when they are discontinued. The Mark Trammell Quartet looks to continue to add previous projects to streaming in the future – so if you’re looking for ways to listen to discontinued projects like “God Has Provided” or “Treasures” MTQ’s unofficial tribute to the Cathedral Quartet, stay tuned to announcements on MTQ’s social media platforms and website.

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