Jack Cottrell proposing to Samantha Mote

Nashville, TN (May 8, 2019) — In a newsletter update this week, Gordon Mote reported that his daughter, Samantha, and her fiancé, Jack Cottrell, have set a date for their wedding. Jack is the son of singer/songwriter/worship leader Travis Cottrell and his wife, Angela.

After Jack asked for Gordon’s blessing, the happy couple became engaged in March. Afterward, Samantha posted, “I’ve been praying for a man like Jack for years and the Lord absolutely blessed me with him. And now we are getting MARRIED!”

Gordon shares, “Samantha has been living in Jackson, Tennessee, and is preparing to move back to Nashville to pursue her business interests and you guessed it . . . to plan a wedding! [The wedding will be] in Nashville on May 31, 2020. Samantha and Kimberly are busy making [plans] and having an exciting time! The Motes are pleased to welcome Jack into the family and likewise the Cottrells, Samantha!”

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