“This Thing Called Grace” is a song born during a writing session which included composers Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca (Becky) Peck. During a recent interview, Dianne said, “I had the thought one day that angels can’t experience salvation and don’t have firsthand knowledge about grace.”

She continued, “I wrote the beginning of the song in question and sent it to Becky. After she received my message we were not far from completion.”

“Becky and I have collaborated on many songs — in the three digit number — and always with her in another location, which seems to work great for us. Presently we have five songs in the making. As to the number of songs we have jointly written, I don’t have those totals. Other people keep those records.”

When asked about the recording of the song in question, Dianne said, “The Talleys were the first artists, as far as I know, to record This Thing Called Grace. I love their version — goodness!”

Dianne and Becky have other writing sessions planned.

Dianne Wilkinson & Rebecca J. Peck
(c) Copyright Christian Taylor Music (BMI) & Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse I
A saint passed from this life below
And entered Heaven’s gates,
He humbly bowed before God’s throne
With joy, he gave Him thanks.
He said, “Oh, Lord, You reached so far
To save a wretch like me.
The blood of Jesus paid my debt,
So You could set me free.

Verse II
An angel stood close by this one
And heard each word He said.
He heard the Father say, “My Son”
And saw Him take his hand.
And soon the saint was welcomed
By his family and his friends.
They began to shout and sing a song
And the angel said to them.

What is this thing called grace?
I hear it in your praise?
It’s the light that shines upon each face!
What is this thing called grace?

It must be so amazing,
Boundless, and life-changing.
Greater than the greatest sin,
We just can’t comprehend.

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