Nashville, TN (September 20, 2021)
Tribute Quartet has released Once Again. The album celebrates the group’s 15th year in ministry and features re-recordings of Tribute’s biggest hits with new group members Ian Owens (bass) and Gus Gaches (tenor).

“We’ve been extremely blessed to have a library of incredible songs to fall into our laps over the last decade and a half,” shares Gary Casto. “To reacquaint ourselves with them again has been exciting, to say the least. We’ve witnessed countless lives changed and impacted through these timeless songs of truth. To re-record and release them to the public is a wonderful feeling.”

Dusty Wells, director of artist and label relations for Daywind Records adds, “We are so excited to be able to offer this newly re-recorded, mixed, and mastered project, Once Again, from our friends, Tribute Quartet. This incredible project includes one of the group’s most popular recordings from 15 years ago, “Good News From Jerusalem.” Gary, Josh, Ian, and Gus went back into the studio and recorded new vocals, and the project sounds so fresh and new! Their fans and friends are going to love this collection of timeless songs that have not been available in years. Great songs live on, and this project will prove that once again.”

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