Arden, North Carolina (July 9, 2021)
Since last fall, The Talleys have carried on their legacy of releasing live versions of their inspiring and touching music that carries God’s message with live versions of some of their most beloved songs. This month, they are continuing that series with the release of “Mountain Mover (Live).”

After its release on The Talleys’ album, Rise Above, “Mountain Mover” quickly became the trio’s go-to, uptempo song. Delivering a powerful, positive message wrapped in a progressive and fun musical setting, “Mountain Mover” is loved by young and old audiences alike. In this live version, Lauren Talley asks the audience to say “Amen!” as she sings, “My God is a mountain mover / My God’s gonna make a way / Can’t count all the times He’s proven / We can trust Him just have faith / Take a hopeless situation / Watch Him turn it all around / Nothing is impossible / I can’t hold back I’ve gotta shout / My God, My God, My God / Is a mountain mover.”

“We originally recorded ‘Mountain Mover’ in 2006, and at the time, it was considered one of the most progressive songs we had ever done. In fact, we were a little nervous to release it!” says Lauren Talley. “But as we sang it in concert more and more, we started realizing that not only did the music pick people up and make them feel good, but the message contained an important truth: We serve a God who pays bills, heals sick bodies, and wants to make Himself real in every part of our lives. He loves to demonstrate His power on our behalf! That’s something to get excited about—and maybe move a little too!”

As with the other songs in The Talleys’ live music series, a performance video of “Mountain Mover” will follow the streaming release.

Watch to “Mountain Mover” (Live) HERE:

Listen to “Mountain Mover” (Live) HERE:

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