Nashville, TN (JUNE 24, 2019) — The Sound is back with an entirely new lineup and record deal. Originally a quartet based out of Houston, Texas, The Sound’s lineup contained many of Southern Gospel’s favorite singers including Scott Fowler, Pat Hoffmaster, Jeff Chapman, Rick Strickland, Frank Seamens, Terry Davis, and more.

Rob Mills joined the group in 1990, and was its lead singer from 1990-1992. In 2017, Mills acquired the name and recommissioned the group as a trio with his two sons, Levi and Jacob Mills.

The Sound has released three projects since its reformation and is set to begin recording its debut project with New Day Records, a division of Daywind Music Group.

“We are thrilled to welcome The Sound to New Day Records,” says Scott Godsey, vice president and director of A&R of Daywind Music Group. “We are very excited about the harmony, songwriting, musical talent, and unique sound that this group will bring to Southern Gospel.”

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