Boise, ID — Liberty Quartet, based out of Boise, Idaho, at the Stars &  Stripes Concert on July 2, 2017, announced the return of tenor singer Philip Batton.

Founder of Liberty Quartet, bass singer Royce Mitchell said, “I am elated with the return of Philip to Liberty and the ministry. The Board of Directors, fellow quartet members, Paul Ellis, Derek Simonis and I, along with a host of Liberty fans and supporters have been on a journey that has built our trust in an always faithful God. The Lord has extended grace and mercy to each of us and it propels us to sing songs of a victorious Christian life.”

Mitchell explained that the process has not been without challenges. Philip Batton left the group on December 15, 2016  for personal reasons. Batton had been with Liberty Quartet for over five years.

Keith Waggoner, former quartet member, Liberty Ministries’ Board Chairman, and pastor for the Battons said, “I’ve had a unique perspective of Philip’s road to restoration as his pastor. As he has humbled himself to God’s discipline and been held accountable by several godly men, God has done and is continuing to do a powerful work in his life.”

Waggoner stated that Philip and his wife, Susie, are examples of God’s grace and speak to the Lord’s ability to bring about beauty from ashes. Waggoner, in commenting about Philip’s talents, said, “While you know  Philip as a tremendous tenor, you will also be able to see a life transformed by submission to  the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to see what God will do through Philip and Liberty as they begin this new chapter of ministry.”

For the past few months, Mitchell has used a variety of individuals to fill in for concert performances. Batton joined the quartet on stage at the July 2nd concert when the announcement was made.

Mitchell stated, “I am extremely thankful the Lord has allowed me to sing once again with my friend Philip. To God be the glory!” Mitchell concluded by saying, “It gives me great joy to welcome Philip and Susie Batton back to the Liberty Quartet family.”

Several of the songs sung by Liberty are songs that Philip’s father, Robert Batton, had composed over the years. The style  and lyrics of the songs fit well with the Liberty message.

Philip Batton will start traveling with Liberty Quartet on August 1, 2017.

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