Nashville, TN (November 19, 2021)
Janene Dubbeld has released her new book, In A Cardboard Box. The new book is a heartwarming story of adoption: grief, pain, rejection, and healing.

“I was born on a fatherless Father’s Day…and they took me home in a little cardboard box with no name on it.” Virginia author Janene Dubbeld begins her story in a new book, In A Cardboard Box, in retail stores on November 19.

Dubbeld’s account of her journey is a truthful, honest, and poignant account of a life “filled with murky shadows.” “I was different. I was adopted. Why did the children say it like it was a bad word? Why did the adults whisper it behind their hands?”

“It would forever follow me, the elusive shadow of something I had no control over and no way to change—haunting even the good things in my life. Adopted.”

“I hesitated. It was like a bad word again. I was being talked about in the shadows. Whispered about behind hands. That dreaded word awkwardly threatened to steal the beginnings of a relationship I wanted to pursue.” In A Cardboard Box is not the typical painful, grinding, guilt-ridden account. In a Cardboard Box offers hope, redemption, and healing for all children who may have been adopted, parents who gave children for adoption, or others who may question their birth heritage.

The subject of adoption may bring questions and negative emotions to others, yet Janene Dubbeld has embraced a refreshing approach. “Maybe the private tears made the public smiles more real? Maybe I could communicate with others with more genuine sensitivity because of my own private pain?”

The newborn baby in a cardboard box is now a happily married mother to three children, author, and recording artist.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer Janene Dubbeld’s new book, In A Cardboard Box to the Christian retail industry. It’s an incredible story of God’s faithfulness and God’s constant redeeming love. Janene shares her heart and emotions and what an encouragement this book will be to so many,” said Dusty Wells, Director of Sales, New Day Christian Distributors.

In a Cardboard Box, by Janene Dubbeld, debuts Friday, November 19, and is available through and Christian bookstores nationwide.

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