(Nashville, TN) March 17, 2022
Godsey Media Management and the Charles Novell School of Music host the “Now What? 22 Gospel Artist Online Challenge” April 4 – 9, 2022. 6PM Central Each Evening.

The “Now What? 22 Gospel Artist Online Challenge” will be a 5 Day Course that aims to help artists develop and perfect their talents and ministry.  There will be 10 hours of training through 2 sessions each night covering various topics such as: Promotions, Ministering, Production, Marketing, Programming, Vocal Techniques, Practice and Preparation, Ministry Exposure, Song Writing, Stage Presence, Performance and more.

The hosts for “Now What? 22 Gospel Artist Online Challenge” are:

Scott Godsey (CEO of Sea Walker Media, which owns Singing News Magazine, Singing News Radio, The Gospel Greats radio program, and the newly formed Singing News TV and President of Godsey Media Management assisting Artists with content needs and marketing strategy).

Rob Novell – (President and Director of the Charles Novell School of Music. Carrying on the work his father Charles Novell did in this School for over 50 years helping singers, musicians and songwriters polish and perfect the gifts God has given them. Rob also owns Counterpoint Recording and is an accomplished musician and producer.)

Paul Secord – (Executive Vice President handling day to day operations of Godsey Media Management also known as The Gospel Road Coach, a performance and career coach for artists, and assists Artists in perfecting and maximizing their ministry).

Scott says, “You have a talent. You sing. You play an instrument, or you write songs. You’ve dreamed of doing this on a larger platform and reaching a larger audience. You feel called to do this as a ministry.  You’ve prepared, researched, bought the equipment you’re ready to do this. Or you’ve been doing this at a high level but feel like there’s more to do……”Now What”?   That’s what this online course, some say, “challenge,” is all about.

The hosts of this online course are 3 individuals that are have a long history of dream chasing and passion for Gospel Music artistry.  They are ready to answer the question…“Now What”?

In addition to your Hosts, Special Guests for the online course will include; Karen Peck Gooch, Bill Bailey, Wayne Haun, Greg Bentley, Kenna Turner West, Billy Blackwood, Joseph Reed, Nick Bruno and more!  These individuals bring so much knowledge to the table and are the best in Gospel Music at what they do.

Rob Novell says, “Our ministry is to help others, if you are in need of a scholarship for this online course and are struggling to make this work financially, email the office at [email protected] for a potential scholarship for the “Now What” Challenge.

This opportunity will be a game changer for you and your ministry.  The guests and subject material have been purposely put together for you and the “Now What? 22 Gospel Artist Online Challenge” to help you be the best that you can be for the furthering of God’s Kingdom.

Registration is taking place now at:


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