The Call of Hope “Goat Project” provides a female goat to Christian and Muslim families. When the goat produces offspring, they can be sold at market and the proceeds can be used for school fees and other necessary items for the children to receive their education.

Give Monthly! “The Herd” is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to reshape entire Islamic regions of Africa with the simple gift of a goat! Now it’s easier than ever to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ to Muslims while also providing the means to end poverty, persecution and offer an education to many.


“This year my entire family has been greatly blessed by our goats. Firstly, in the months of June and July (our yearly lean period), we did not have any food. We sold one of our goats to buy some maize that sustained us until harvesting time.  Secondly, in September my daughter had an admission to school and we were able to pay her school fees by selling two of the young goats. We as a family are very thankful  for the Goat Project. Jesus has blessed us greatly!” –Damata, West Africa


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