Event Details

Artist: Friday- 7:00pm-Festival of Five Combined Choirs from Sixteen Churches, Joey Gore and Wilmington Celebration Choir; Saturday- 10am-6pm-Joys, Whitman-Gore, Patti Wood Trio, Blythe Family, Four Heart Harmony, Horrell Family, Crimson Cross, Hickory Grove Qt, Oxendine Family, Trinity Qt, Crusaders, Ferguson Family, Dunns, Called Out, Hinshaw Family, Full Reliance, Surles/Dennis Family, Divine Intention, Montgomery Family, Tate & Marthieah; 6pm-Wesley Pritchard & Fayetteville Community Church Choir opens for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Sunday- 10:30am and 1:00pm-Mark Trammell Qt; 3:30 pm-Temple Baptist Church Choir opens for The Hoppers
Date: 06-26-2020
Venue: Benson Singing Grove
Address: 400 E Main St
City: Benson
State: NC
Ticket and Additional Info: 100th Annual NC State Singing Convention - TICKETS: Free admission! You may want to bring a lawn chair. Informal (Round Robin) singing on Saturday, 9pm-10pm and Sunday, 12 noon-1pm. Call 919-894-4389 or 919-538-8575. See details on website at: www.gospelsingingconvention.org or email:[email protected] [email protected] Find us on Facebook: State Annual Singing Convention-Benson Sing